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Small Business

Find the top small business news, headlines, and videos about entrepreneurs, venture capital, jobs, start-ups, and more in CNBC's Small Business section.
  1. Many small business owners are facing lending costs they've never before experienced, just as the economy and consumer demand weakens.
  2. While small business job growth is slowing, it's more because there are not enough workers to hire than business owners pulling back on hiring plans.
  3. The percentage of small business owners who said they could not make rent in August hit a record level for 2022, and hasn't been this high since peak Covid.
  4. The Economic Injury Disaster loans returned to the Small Business Administration were obtained using fabricated information and stolen identities.
  5. Household cash flow has been declining, but consumer income will begin to grow after the holidays, making a recession less likely, according to Goldman Sachs.
  6. Long-term, Mark Zuckerberg is all-in on the metaverse. But Meta is also making a big bet that Whatsapp for Business will be a huge growth driver first.
  7. Big box retailers bet wrong on inventory and big markdowns followed as inflation and Covid changed consumer spending patterns. Main Street can do better.
  8. Bethenny Frankel, founder of SkinnyGirl, says she has always been full of good ideas, but that is never enough to be successful in business.
  9. Grammy award-winning rapper Macklemore is taking his newly-found passion for golf and building his own golf apparel company, Bogey Boys.
  10. Confidence hits all-time low in CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey, as weak sales outlook and inflation worry a Main Street that says recession is here.

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